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Why a SeaforceTM Boat?

We could easily make a list that went on forever on this subject, but we have managed to narrow it down to a couple of reasons which we think will help you in deciding why your next boat should be a SeaforceTM...

1. We are world leaders. SeaforceTM understands that in addition to being boat manufacturers we also need to be innovators; thus SeaforceTM have designed and manufactured the world's first fibreglass pontoon boats. As proven and tested in aluminium and inflatable boats, SeaforceTM have replicated the design in fibreglass, resulting in a beautiful, safe and smooth-riding craft.


2. SeaforceTM is New Zealand's fiberglass pontoon boat supplier. In a fiberglass pontoon boat you are guaranteed a safe and dry ride. Riding in one of Seaforce's pontoon models has been described by a keen boatie as, "driving on a cushion of air". Our experience coupled with the feedback from owners and magazine boat testers have reinforced the strength of the SeaforceTM  pontoon design. 


3. Our boats are award winners. Nearly every SeaforceTM boat model has won awards at the New Zealand Boat Show. These awards show that not only do our SeaforceTM boat owners know that they have the best boats, but the New Zealand marine industry experts  think so too. 


4. Our boats are made of the most up-to-date, technologically advanced materials. All SeaforceTM boats are manufactured using the best quality materials on the market. SeaforceTM boats are manufactured from isophthalic resins which is the highest standard of polyester resin currently manufactured. This resin has more strength, greater impact resistance, chemical resistance and a 800 year half life.  All resins are Lloyds and DNV approved. SeaforceTM  also use polyethylene foam, and has been doing so since the turn of the century. Polyethylene is a good alternative to polyurethane foam as it is more environmentally friendly and has greater distribution control, giving you more confidence in the boat's flotation. Polyethylene foam is also chemical and moisture resistant. Using these top quality materials pays dividends for you as the buyer - history has shown SeaforceTM customers hold onto their boats longer and get better resale prices when selling. 


5. We can customise the boat for your needs.  While the boats come with standard items we will work with you to customise your boat to your needs. We can supply any brand of electronics, engines or trailers to suit. The choice is yours. We have chosen a few suppliers who have products that suit our boats.


6. Our boats are CPC compliant. CPC is a New Zealand boat industry standard which ensure that your boat is safe and of a quality standard. SeaforceTM have been proud members of the CPC group since 1996 and their SeaforceTM 430 Winna, 530 Mate, 530 Ute, 530 Skipa and 600 series are all boats which surpass the CPC compliance regulation standards. If a boat has the CPC tick, it has been built to be unsinkable under 6 metres. SeaforceTM exceed the CPC standards with level upright floatation in all models. SeaforceTM are also recognised members of the NZ Marine Industry Association. 

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